Bare Metal Coronary Stent



Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System

HexaPro stent is made up of L605 cobalt chromium alloy. The innovative design of HexaPro with ‘S’ and alternative ‘C’ link gives excellent deliverability & conformability. HexaPro is available in length up to 45 mm. HexaPro is 8 crowns for uniform & optimum vessels scaffolding. The strength of stent is strong when it is made up of cobalt chromium alloy. A balloon fused into a flexible tip ensures smooth placement into the lesion. Very smooth electropolished surface with low strut thickness. Stent length & balloon length are matched ensuring no distal/proximal balloon overhang with excellent conformability to the vessel wall. Leveraging on our extensive market knowledge, we are providing a high-quality range of Bare-metal Stent.


  • Low deflation time
  • Excellent & uniform scaffolding
  • A high radial strength which makes it ideal for proximal lesion
  • Low recoil ensures predictable results
  • Minimal Balloon Overhang which minimizes the risk of edge dissection
  • No Foreshortening suitable for Ostial lesion

  • FlexyStar

    Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System

    FlexyStar stent is used in wide working pressure range. The growth of 8% from nominal pressure to RBP allowing complete deployment and good wall apposition. FlexyStar is available in the length up to 45 mm with excellent deliverability with super thin strut 60 µ. CrCo coronary stent System includes L605 Cobalt Chromium (Co – Cr alloy) stent located on balloons catheter between two platinum iridium radio opaque markers bands. CrCo is indicated for improving coronary luminal diameter in patients with symptomatic ischemic heart disease in de novo coronary artery lesion in native coronary arteries. Low injury design philosophy Unique hybrid cell design provides high radial strength & flexibility (60 µ struts).