Drug Eluting Coronary Stent




It takes something extraordinary to stand apart and overcome any hurdle. Gromaa Tech incorporated the advanced Schifsorb Polymer Technology. This revolutionary technology by Gromaa Tech pairs the power of biodegradable PLLA and PLGA polymers with an Integrated Everolimus drug. The Schifsorb polymer technology of the EverPro delivers a dynamic performance along with great drug release efficiency. The thrombus-resistant polymer degrades with minimal tissue inflammation, which truly underplays risk of stent thrombosis.



Cobalt Chromium Sirolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent System (From Biodegradable Polymer Matrix)

FlexyRap has a coating which undergoes complete biodegradation of polymer within 7 to 9 months FlexyRap has drug /polymer coating of a 5-6 micron which gives excellent deliverability to follow vessel motion which ensures conformability. The growth of 8% from Nominal pressure to RBP allows complete development and good wall apposition. Flexyrap is a Biodegradable polymer with biocompatibility. Engineered with unparallel flexibility with the pivoted articulation design it ensures good trackability, crossability & conformability.


Neohexa is a Sirolimus Eluting Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent with unique proprietary Biodegradable polymer matrix which gives excellent coating integrity.

Neo Hexa is designed in a manner that it maintains metal artery ratio. The design of a stent is innovative with ‘S’ link and alternate ‘C’ link. In Cobalt Chromium stent we use Sirolimus drug because Sirolimus /Rapamycin is a Potent anti-proliferative agent when coated on coronary stents it prevents organ re-stenosis.


  • Minimal Balloon Overhang which minimizes the risk of edge dissection
  • A high radial strength which makes it ideal for proximal lesion
  • Low recoil ensures predictable results
  • Low deflation time
  • Excellent & uniform scaffolding
  • No Foreshortening suitable for Ostial lesion