Door Lock Access Control System

Door Lock Access System

Door Lock Access Control System in Mumbai

Due to the gradual rise in terms of safety in all types of organization, it has become quite a mandatory task for all the offices to install a top-quality door lock access control system in Mumbai in their respective workstations.

Basically, a door lock access control system is used to prevent the restricted people from entering a particular space. Biometric provides you with an adaptive, mountable and integrated access control system which assures 100% safety from the unwanted entries.

What is a Door Lock Access Control System?

Biometric Door Access Control System are specifically designed to ensure 100% prevention from unwanted admissions. With these door access control systems, only the people having access to the specific space are allowed to enter.

At present, many organizations like schools, hospitals, government as well as private institutions have begun installing their premises with the best rfid door lock access system to make certain that their place is completely secured from the strangers.

No matter if it is a normal access control system which only requires a fingerprint scan or if it is a specialized access system which needs highest level of scanning, we bestow every kind of door lock access control systems to our respected clients.

Advantages of Door Lock Access Control System

Other than the prevention from unwanted admissions of unknown people, there are many more benefits of using a door access control system eSSL in a building. For instance –

  • It lessens the requirement of manpower.
  • It helps in allowing multiple people with the authorization of entries and exits.
  • It provides access and restriction to the internal level.
  • It allows time-based control for the security systems.
  • It keeps a check on the time of punch-in and punch-out.
  • It also has all the specifications of a biometric system.

Types of Door Lock Access Control System

While considering the products that are the primary requirements in terms of security, door lock access control system comes at the number one position and that too in not just corporate premises but residential buildings as well. The door lock access control system install easily in every type of space without any trouble. In addition, the door lock access control system is considered more beneficial as compared to the regular biometric access control system.

Some of the most important types of door lock access control systems are the ones which are electrical machines. These electric door lock access control system basically can be attached easily to the other systems such as computers, etc.

The many types of door lock access control systems are –

Door Locks

Door locks are the basic kind of access control systems that are commonly used for security reasons. These door locks are not just used in the workplaces but also at homes as well.

Fingerprint Locks

In the fingerprint locks, one needs to use their finger in order to get admission to and leave from a particular area. To put it simply, a finger is required to lock and unlock the fingerprint door lock access system. To enable the operation, the fingerprint locks are connected to the electricity. More often than not, these locks are used in the various workstations in order restrict the entrance to some specific areas.

Card Readers

Another type of door lock access control is the card reader. These card access door lock system is used to limit the access to various regions specifically in the office premises. However, the other kind of access control card reader called bar code reader do not fall under the category of door lock access control.

Gate Automation

These kind of door lock access control system are basically used in the big gates or front gates of a building, be it a residential one or a corporate one. With the past few years, the usage of gate automation has gradually increased in India.

Electronic Locks

These electronic rfid proximity entry door lock access control system have two sub categories as well.

Electromagnetic Locks

These kinds make use of the magnetic lock for door access control system. They can be easily mounted on the doors to ensure there is no invalid entrance to the constrained area. Once the electromagnetic locks are turned on, the magnets placed inside the locks will get charged and consequently will lock the door consequently restricting the unwanted entries.

Electric strikes

These are just like the latches embedded in the door panel which can be enabled and disabled with the help of electrical power.

How the Door Lock Access Control System Works?

The door lock access control system works in the following ways.

  • A customary access control system comprises of an electromagnetic lock/ door strike, power supply system, pin reader/card and push button.
  • In order to get authorized entry into a controlled place, you must need to acquire an authorized card which should be placed on top of the access control device. Here, only the valid card holder can get entry to the restricted premises.
  • Once the card reader verifies the individual, the door lock system will get disabled and the door can be easily opened.
  • In order to exit the restricted area, the individual needs to press the door lock release button which will subsequently unlock the door.
  • In the course of fitting the door lock access control system, a power back up is also installed simultaneously.
  • To easily deal with an emergency situation, a break glass is also integrated.

What is Iris Recognition in Door Lock Access Control System?

In this type of door lock access control system, the biometric machine makes use of the pattern- recognition techniques which are based on the high resolution images of the iris in an individual’s eye.

The Iris Scanner is regarded as one of the most reliable and effective door lock access control system. An Iris Scanner is believed to be more authentic than an Iris Recognition device.

In the Iris Scanner, the device takes a digital picture of an individual’s iris through the infra-red rays which prevents any kind of alteration or manipulation from the outer source. Afterwards, the digital photograph is compared to the recorded iris proof of the individual in order to grant them permission to access the restricted premise.

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